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Travel Info

FB17 winter Participants will be accommodated at the Youth hostel Marburg.

Arrival by car

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Arrival by train

The hostel can be easily reached by bus and a short walk. For further information on public transportation, direct routing etc. visit


After leaving the central station cross the main street and got to the bus station to your left. Use the bus line 1, 2, 4, 5 or 7 (this station is highly frequented by these buses) and drive to the bus station "Rudolphsplatz" (the journey takes about 8 minutes).


From the bus station "Rudolphsplatz", you can walk to the hostel in approximately 10 minutes (see map).


To reach the venue of the NeuroDoWo 2012, please go to the bus station "Rudolphsplatz" and take the bus line no. 7 or 9 to the station "Botanischer Garten".
Please refer to the map for your way to the lecture-hall.


As an alternative to buses, there are several affordable taxi companies in Marburg.

  • Sparcar +49 (0)6421 999988

  • Unicar +49 (0)6421 14444

  • My Car +49 (0)6421 44444

  • Telecar +49 (0)6421 25100

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