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Welcome to the NeuroDowo 2012!

We, a group of doctoral students from the field of neuroscience, have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 23rd Annual Neurobiology Doctoral Student Workshop (NeuroDoWo) in Germany.

Since it was founded by Professors Menzel, Pflüger and Erber in 1990, the NeuroDoWo provides an international platform for project discussion and networking among PhD students from all branches of neuroscience. The workshop is entirely organised and conducted by students of the respective year’s host university and traditionally includes evening lectures by two specially invited scientists of international renown.

The upcoming NeuroDoWo will be held from August 2nd to 3rd 2012 in Marburg, seat of the oldest protestant founded university, a picturesque and historic town shaped by a rich history going back to the 9th century. Its high culture and medieval streets make it the perfect setting for a lively, intellectually vigorous scientific meeting and a pleasant place to stay in its own right.

We are looking forward to welcome Prof. Dr. Paul Anthony Stevenson (University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Alan Palmer (MRC Institue of Hearing Research, Nottingham, UK) for appealing evening lectures on invertebrate neuroethology and vertebrate hearing respectively.

We hope we have by now aroused your interest and would be pleased if you would file your application before 17. June 2012.

Dowo at a glance

  • present your findings in form of a talk or a poster

    (talks will be 15 min, posters should conform to DIN A0 format)

  • meet fellow PhD students from the field of neurobiology

  • registration fee: only 50 Euro

  • conference language: English

  • invited guest speakers: Prof. Dr. Paul A. Stevenson and Prof. Dr. Alan Palmer

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NeuroDowo Committee, Fb. 17 - Biologie, Karl-von-Frisch-Straße 8, 35043 Marburg